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Stain Remover Refillery $2.00 deposit added to all prices

Stain Remover Refillery $2.00 deposit added to all prices

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Made of delicate natural ingredients, Pure Stain Remover showcases an excellent offensive strategy, geared toward stains. Takes complete care of oil, ink, red wine, make up or grass stains. Its citrus based composition cuts up dirt in smaller pieces.

Then, it’s a pass on the tape to our Laundry Detergent. He’ll take the lead, getting rid of those small pieces in the fabric’s fibers…and he scores! In the laundry game, teamwork is everything. Our stain remover is the best playmaker there is, he gets the assist on every play (stain).
Think about putting our stain remover on your first line. We’re thinking about creating him his own collectible player car someday soon. Stay tuned.





What is this used for?

These are the ingredients
Aqua Water
Laureth-9 Plant derived wetting agent
Methyl isobutyl glycerol formal Plant derived wetting agent
Dodecylbenzene sulfonic acid Synthetic & biodegradable preservative
Methylglycinediacetic acid Synthetic & biodegradable anti-redeposition agent
Isopropylidene glycerol Plant derived cleaning agent
Sodium lauriminodipropionate Plant derived thickening agent
Monoethanolamine Mineral PH adjuster
Sodium hydroxide Thickening agent from mineral sources
Fragrance/Parfum mix containing at least 50% of natural essential oils and sometimes synthetic fragrance always without harmful chemicals
We are transparent, just like our containers. We post the full list of all the ingredients on our labels because we are proud of the effectiveness of our products and the ingredients we use to achieve them.

Why should I use this?

Citrus-based formula
Quickly removes stubborn stains
Removes stains of all kinds: oil, ink, red wine, makeup, grass, etc...
Very soft and safe for all types of fabrics
Color Safe
Effective for washable diapers
Super stain remover for fabrics, carpets and surfaces
Offered in Bulk
Vegan and not tested on animals
The 10L bag in box is made out of recycled cardboard and represents 90% less plastic. Its dimensions are 13 inches deep x 10 inches large x 7 inches height.

What does it smell like?

Nice and lemony

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