A Greener Clean For Your Body And Your Earth

It all started with an expensive trip to a custom soap store; as we all know soap and other products are great and you can go through them quickly. I set out to create not only a more affordable product but also ones that are made of all natural ingredients while providing the same, if not more benefits.

Every item is meticulously hand made from start to finish. This is resembled in the final product for all to enjoy.

Mission to help everyone be able to afford natural products to make them love the skin your in.

All Natural Vegan Soaps

All of our soaps are made in small batches and include vegetable shortening, coconut milk, coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil.sunflower oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), and fragrance and/or essential oil.

Extra oils, butters, clays, oxides, and exfoliates are listed with each soap below.

Sometimes you may find "pieces " throughout the soap. This is shavings of soap that get trimmed off the bars and have been used in small bags or more soap. I don't like to waste anything. Each batch may be somewhat different, my soap just might not turn out to look the same batch before.

In our shop, you will find a huge variety of mens and womens soaps. I believe I have almost 60 different scents to pick from, I also have unscented. I have a quantity pack as well.

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Premium Men's Products

Designed to let men feel amazing in their skin, not only feel great but smell fantastic when using my men's bar soaps or shampoo bars. My selection is not vast but is truly worth using I have 16 different body soaps to choose from and 3 shampoo bars.

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Bath Products

Bath art is what I call my work whether it be a regular bath bomb or a bombshell. There is always a surprise, whether its a toy or a ring or just great colors. Using water soluble colors won't (stick to you or your tub) and very moisturizing.

Bath bombs galore are all different and fun. From balls to donuts and seasonal to specialty, (weddings or birthdays) all very colorful.

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Natural Body Products

From head to toe, shampoo and conditioner all natural ingredients leaving your hair silky smooth for all your family, or hair types. Mens beard products oils, hair wax and sculpting wax. Natural deodorant really works well. I have worked on this line for 6 years making sure it works and one both men and women will use. Toothpaste is amazing, whitens your teeth and leaves your mouth fresh.

My all natural healing salves Plantain are out of this world as the list of what they help with is extensive. Magnesium oil spray is original and the only one like this (my design).

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Custom Order

All our products are available for a custom order with your own customization. We also offer wholesale orders and value packs. Please contact us to discuss the details.