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Detox Soap

Detox Soap

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What Is Charcoal Soap?

Charcoal soap is an effective and popular detoxifier that removes dirt, pollutants, and bacteria from the body. The beauty industry is seeing an increase in interest in activated charcoal soap effects on the skin, including charcoal soap benefits for face. It is beneficial for acne treatment, antiaging, and psoriasis treatment.

What is this used for?

To help detox your skin

Why should I use this?

Helps absorb excess oil.
Helps prevent breakouts.
Tightens pores.
Makes skin firmer.
Exfoliates skin.
Brightens complexion.
Exfoliates dry, dead skin that can lead to flakes and dandruff.
Deeply cleans.

What does it smell like?

Has no scent

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