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Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee Body Scrub

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Directions: Wet body in the shower, apply to skin, scrub, rinse off. Approx. 16 oz.

Body scrub.

Wet body in the shower and rub on the skin, rinse off, be careful of the oils in the tub will be slippery! Dry off and enjoy soft skin, apply once a week.

What is this used for?

Coffee body scrubs involve mechanically rubbing the skin. This stimulates blood flow and improves circulation.
It Removes Dead Skin Cells

Why should I use this?

Body skin exfoliation is an essential step in body skin care, and coffee scrubs are among the most popular products for that purpose. Apart from exfoliation, they bring many other benefits, especially if combined with other helpful ingredients.

What does it smell like?

Coffee latte

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